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Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

atlantis the palm dubai1 Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

Introducing the mystical and exquisite Atlantis The Palm, Dubai. An experience like no other. Dubai has opened its doors to a new hotel that can only be described as splendid. The Lost Chambers Suites are just one of the main attractions at the hotel. With a floor to ceiling underwater view of the Ambassador Lagoon from within your suite. You can enjoy the most unique stay you have ever had the pleasure of experiencing from your room as well as your bath. If you want to experience more of the Ambassador Lagoon, you will want to explore the Lost Chambers. The lost Chambers is an amazing maze of underwater tunnels beneath the lagoon. Here, you can witness an astounding selection of marine life animals living in the mystical ruins of Atlantis.

ziggurat4 Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

Atlantis The Palm, Dubai has what is fast becoming known as the worlds most spectacular water park. The Ziggurat is the central point of the water park with seven slides to choose from. It features the sensational Leap Of Faith where you drop 27.5 metres at a near vertical incline into the shark infested lagoon with amazing speed. The Shark Attack takes you through the heart of the Ziggurat in a winding path finally emerging into the shark lagoon. This is where you can really get a good look at the sharks. If you have a love for the wild side of water, take a ride on The Rapids, a full 2.3 kilometre ride of fast rushing tidal river waters.

Dine in world class restaurants headed by some of the finest chefs in the world.

The Nobu features both modern and traditional Japanese cuisine complete with a superb sushi bar and sake lounge. Chef Nobu Matsuhisa is known worldwide for his creative cooking style.

The Ossiano pulls the Atlantis The Palm experience together with a view of the underwater Atlantis experience and fantastic seafood. The Ossiano is proud to announce world renowned Santi Santamaria as its chef.

The famous Italian Chef Giorgio Locatelli has created the Ronda Locatelli. A truly traditional Italian restaurant. It features Fabulous Italian cuisine cooked to perfection in wood fired ovens and offers cozy family style dining.

For a truly memorable lifetime experience, make your stay in Dubai the best it can be at Atlantis The Palm, Dubai.

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