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Where is Dubai?

Dubai is a coastal country which is situated in the coasts of the Persian Gulf coast. This is surrounded by Abu Dhabi, dubaimap Where is Dubai?Sharjah, Sultanate of Oman, and the Persian Gulf which covers the western side of the city. This city is the most populated of all the emirates. This also has a second largest surface area which is about 4000 As this city is located near the coast the temperature varies drastically.

The maximum temperature will be 47 degree but its minimum temperature will be 7 degree. As this lies in the Arabian desert this has very less rainfall which is just about 6 inches per year. Hence the major problem for the Dubai is the fresh water resource. But as they are coastal country they have the opportunity to purify the salt water into drinking water. These were the one among the countries who implemented the reverse osmosis technique to produce drinking water from sea water.  Major part of the Dubai is sandy deserts where as the other southern emirates have a gravel sort of desert regions. As this is a coastal country the humidity in this city is always more than 50 % which are the major driving force for the drastic decrease in the temperatures at the night time.

As the soil is usually sandy there are many difficulties in the construction of the sky scrapers. But with the high edge technology and hi tech engineering analysis they were able to seek solution to most of the problems. Hence construction of these will cost high. One such solution is the skin friction that is produced by the building which when pass through a sandy soil.

This is nothing but the phenomenon in which a new kind of friction called as the skin friction which resists the motion of a structure further into the sand. This is because the area of contact between the sand and the structure increases as the structure goes into the sand hence if the area is more then the friction will always be high. There by they resist the further movement of the structure into the sand.

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