How to get a residence permit in Ras Al Khaimah?

When purchasing any property with Al Hamra Real Estate Development, ready or  
under construction, we give a visa package with license and two visas for 12 years for free.  
There is one project excluded at the moment, it is Falcon Island.  
What is included in the visa package and what is it?"  
This visa package includes the license. From the beginning we do the license. We give a list of  
RACES, over 300 different activities from which the client chooses 2 activities and  
one of these activities will be approved by RAKEZ (Freezone). With this license, you can open  
online business and trade (but not such business where you open an office and there  
work or produce). RAKEZ gives flexi desk for 8 hours. And every day is different  
office, and you can organize your meeting there.  
Step-by-step: First Al Hamra Development submits an application to RAKEZ and they will approve  
license. This license is made within three weeks. To make this license the client does not  
needs to come. He must pay 20% minimum, sign a contract and immediately we submit  
When the license is given there is a date. From that date goes the 12 year visa report. If the client is in  
the year did not come, from the license calculated a year and he loses a year. That leaves only 11 years,  
not 12.  
To make a visa the client must come. Because he will undergo a medical examination, will pass  
biometric data and then will receive ID and visa. The client must be present  
there are three weeks.  
Family Visa: Husband or wife and children can be sponsored. Boys must be 21 or  
lower, and girls any age but unmarried. Sponsorship costs about 4000 dirzam per  
visa for 2 years and 1500 dirham deposit which will be returned at the end, after cancellation or  
Terms: We give a license for two years and every two years there is an upgrade. Everything is done on  
two years and renewed. You can open a bank account for yourself or for companies. But we  
we do not do it. We give the client a letter from RAKEZ to hand. They themselves will deal with the bank of what  
their conditions.  
First receipt and five subsequent renewals at Al Hamra's expense. After 12 years, the customer himself  
will pay. We can help, but the client must pay.  
Cost of package upgrade 32000 aedes.  

Force Majeure: If the client doesn't get a license for whatever reason, RAKEZ takes 1000  
dirham, for their services. If the client gets rejected, then we refund all the money. If  
license approved but visa denied, then 8000 dirham RAKEZ takes back but we refund  
all the money. It's all written in the reservation form.

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